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Protect Your Hardscaping Investment with Patio Cleaning from EP Henry

While some manufacturers claim that their patio pavers don't require cleaning to maintain their appearance, the fact of the matter is that all pavers require cleaning to restore a "like-new" appearance due to harsh weather conditions and ageing. In the same way you might polish your floors or wax your car, patio pavers require a sealing process that will restore the original look of your pavers and protects them from staining in the future.

With EP Henry's revolutionary Seal 'n Lock patio cleaning system, you can erase any signs of harsh weather and age on your pavers. This new system is offered exclusively through EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialists™ and promises the following:

  • Cleans and enhances your pavers in just 1 day while other patio cleaning systems require 2-5 days
  • Is ecologically safe and child/pet friendly
  • Cleans the sediments on your patio that develop over time from natural elements like rain, snow, and rotting leaves
  • Provides a variety of finishes to choose such as a matte finish or a richer sheen, plus protects against future staining caused by natural elements and food mishaps

Ensure that the Seal 'n Lock System™ is done right by hiring an EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialist!


Exclusively from EP Henry, the proven Seal 'n Lock System:


  • Won't harm people, pets, or plants
  • Provides a durable protective barrier against the elements
  • Delivers a long-lasting, natural luster or enhanced wet look
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and weeds


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