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Baby Boomer Christmas Must-Haves

It is well known that from 1946 to 1964 America experienced a baby boom. These post-war years showed an increase in U.S. babies like never before. A time of increased optimism and stability, the population explosion during these years expanded the middle class and helped define the suburban dream. Savvy manufacturers were quick to get

Tips for an Indoor Herb Garden

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the taste of fresh herbs. By establishing and maintaining an indoor garden you’ll encourage more creative cooking and freshen the air in your kitchen at the same time. Unless you have a greenhouse, you’ll most likely be growing your herbs on a windowsill.  Consider

7 Holiday Themed Cocktails

‘Tis the season! The holiday festivities are in full swing. So dash through the snow, deck the halls and get out there and enjoy a holiday themed cocktail to help get you in the spirit. The Grinch: This sweet melon liqueur is the perfect shade of green for the Grinch martini. In a shaker with

7 Unique Gifts for the Outdoor Living Enthusiast

With its colder temperatures and shorter days, the winter is a rough time of year for those of us who enjoy outdoor living.  Sure, fire pits and fireplaces can extend the season by weeks, but when the temperatures drop and stay below freezing for days and days on end, it may leave you feeling like

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

It is said that it’s the most wonderful time of the year-but, it can also be the most wasteful. Perhaps because it’s the most hectic, we can sometimes choose shortcuts that are not so eco-friendly. While some people are earth-aware and have changed their life styles accordingly, everyone can make a difference with a few

Christmas Décor: Evergreen, Everywhere

It is widely known that the Christmas Tree tradition began in Germany- but did you know that the using evergreen sprigs to decorate the home dates back to ancient times? Historians believe that it all began when the Norsemen, who inhabited the unforgiving forests of Northern Germany, noticed that holly and trees such as the

Non Traditional, Traditional Décor: Square Wreaths

Did you ever wonder why we hang wreaths on our front doors? Historians agree that it seems likely that wreaths were made popular almost 3000 years ago. It all started in Greece during the Olympic Games when small wreaths (made of laurel leaves) were used to crown the winning participants. Later, when the Games began

Dealing With a Winter Wonderland

It looks like the Northeast is going to get treated to yet another long, cold, wet winter this year. Oh please, don’t let this be another winter of snow-covered patio sets.While no one can deny that the first snowfall of the season is somehow always magical, once the reality of icy sidewalks, snow covered driveways,

Do-It-Yourself Hardscaping™ Project Story: New Providence NJ

We were amazed when Seth Netter, EP Henry’s sales rep for Northern NJ, sent us these DIY patio pictures.This 850 s.f. patio, with EP Henry Fire Pit Kit, was excavated and installed by the homeowners (along with two very good friends, Tina and Tracy Toribio) themselves. We just had to find out how they were

Welcome to the Stone Age

A very, very long time ago, during the pre-historic age, humans figured out that stone had many uses in their world. This abundant natural resource was used for many things, such as: furniture, cutting tools, and weapons. Not only did they use it to build walls for shelter and fortification, they used smaller stones (like