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Warm Welcomes: Incredible Walkways and Driveways

No matter what holidays you celebrate in December, chances are you will have visitors at one point during the season and as the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your driveway and front walkway are some of the first landscaping impressions you can make on your visitors,

What are your 2016 Landscape New Year’s Resolutions?

It happens at odd times throughout the year; as you’re gearing up for spring and cleaning out flower beds, during a barbecue in the backyard, or when you’re winterizing your garden and yard. Each of these moments are times when you took stock of the condition of your landscape and make a mental note of

Dear Santa – What I Want for Christmas is … a New Landscape Design!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and would write that all important letter to the big guy in the red suit listing the things you wanted for Christmas? Well, this year, we want all our outdoor living enthusiast readers to get inspired for the new landscape you know you want, but may

Party on the Patio: Take Advantage of the Weather and Plan an Outdoor Holiday Event

If you’re enjoying the balmy weather much of the Northeast is experiencing, thanks to the El Nino effect, it may be putting a damper on your ability to get into the traditional holiday spirit. While no one wants sub-zero temps like we had last year, it can be hard to wrap your head around planning

Creating a little “Peace on Earth”, Right in your own Backyard

There are a lot of wishes for “Peace on Earth” at this time of year and, while the general intent is for mankind as a whole, there’s another saying that comes to mind: “Charity begins at home”.  By creating a tranquil environment in which to host family and friends, you can add a little “peace”

Update Your Front Porch to Create an All Weather Lounge Space

If you’re reminiscing about long summer nights spent on the front porch and are struggling to cope with the shorter days and long, cold winter nights, we have some design inspiration to get you thinking of spring. Check out these top tips for updating your porch to create a perfect, all-weather lounge space. If you’re

Let the Holiday Season Kick-Off your Composting Efforts

It is upon us – the holiday season with the multitude of events and celebrations, where we gather with friends and family over good food and drink and wind down to the New Year. Whether you put your culinary skills to the test for your party or have it catered, chances are there will be

Less is More for Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It’s probably still burned into your retinas. The image of Clark Griswold’s house from 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; row upon row of glittering lights – blazing like a small sun that takes the power grid down in the neighboring three counties.  A more recent commemoration of this holiday décor style was 2006’s “Deck the

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? It’s time for celebrating the fall harvest, when supermarkets are busting at the seams. Canned green beans are flying off the shelves, and the aisles suddenly have car-sized boxes of bagged bread to navigate around. From basting the bird to preparing the pies, there are a lot of

Keep your Landscape Sustainably Green – All Year-Long with Evergreens

As the fall season winds down and we edge closer to the leafless, drab landscape of winter, many homeowners look for sustainable and simple ways to add a little color to their yard and garden. Evergreen shrubs, trees and plants offer year-round color that is easy to maintain and, if planted in the correct region,