Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Spring Landscape This Holiday

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It’s the time of year when celebrating with friends and family, discussions of plans and hopes for next year and gifts for the holiday are paramount. But what do you really want as a gift this year? Chances are, you’ve discussed upgrading or enhancing your landscape during the warmer months, treating it more like a job than the design upgrade it really is. Have you thought about getting a patio put in? Maybe adding a walkway or paving your driveway? Even something like adding a garden wall around your existing beds and decorative trees could have been on the table. Maybe the discussion waned as the cooler months rolled in? Well, if you look at a landscape upgrade as a job, and not a beautifying enhancement to your outdoor living space, it’s easy to see how the conversation could fall flat.

A landscape upgrade is really the gift that keeps on giving, all year round. It provides a fantastic outdoor setting for your guests, offering warm welcomes and enjoyable vistas at all times of year, and what’s great is you can manage to start the process at just about any budget. Start small, and you’ll see how the urge to expand your outdoor living experience grows with each project!

Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you have a few spaces in your yard that you know could use a little TLC. Start your landscape upgrades with one or more strategic enhancements based on where they are in your yard with these tips:

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How Do You Like to Entertain?

Another source of landscape upgrade inspiration is your entertaining patterns. Do you like to do a lot of gatherings – are they intimate or wall to wall people? Depending on how you like to approach your gatherings, there are many different outdoor living possibilities. The following outdoor party ideas will help you decide which landscape upgrades fit your party style:

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Keep your Little People in Mind

Still need more inspiration for your landscape upgrade? Think about the smaller people in your life – whether they are two or four-legged; they like to spend time in your yard just as much as you do! The following posts offer fun ways to integrate time with them into your landscape.

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No matter your inspiration, be sure to consider asking for a landscape upgrade this holiday. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for years to come, offering a unique and idyllic environment to spend your time with friends and family.