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Host an outdoor party to ring in the new year

A warm and friendly outdoor event is just the thing to ring in a happy and healthy new year. There’s still time to welcome the New Year with style. An outdoor winter party will bring family and friends together, and spending time outside on the patio is always a good idea. Here are a few

Giving Tree – Recycling your Christmas tree

The needles start to pile up. The kids have moved on. The cat has even given up on trying to topple it. Here’s what you can do with that Christmas tree after the new year arrives. Creative advice from experts The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) knows a thing or two about the life cycle

Salt and your pavers – what you need to know

Winter is here. Snow and sleet are coming. Before you scatter the de-icing salt on your Hardscape, read up on how to best care for your pavers during these cold months. The most important thing to do for Hardscape throughout the winter is to quickly clear it of as much snow as possible using gentle

Unconventional Holiday Lights

You’ve got your lights up and everything looks great from the street. Here are a few simple additions to the patio for just you and your family and friends to enjoy. Reindeer The backyard becomes a forest at the North Pole with a few animal additions. A few private reindeer “grazing” in around your garden

The Secret to Amazing Christmas Lights

Ever wonder how that one family in your neighborhood manages a spectacular Christmas light display every year? We found out their secret. Shhh! It’s not elves Every October, after a spring and summer of providing homeowners with precise landscape care and excellent Hardscape installations, Bob Bickel, owner of L.A. Verruni Landscaping in Pottstown, PA, starts

Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Family and Friends

Thanksgiving dinner can be a quiet, elegant affair with only a few polite friends and genteel family, followed by a nice stroll in the park before dessert. But that’s only if you live in a greeting card. Here are some unique indoor and outdoor activities to entertain everyone from the littlest kids to teens to

A Fun Fireplace: 3 traditional accessories and their new twists

The apple spice and pine scented days are upon us. Along with your fuzzy blanket and mug of hot cider, add some unique accessories to your hearth to welcome the winter season. In days gone by, the fireplace, whether indoor or outdoor, was a central feature in any room. Being the primary and sometimes only

Covering up: blankets for your outdoor room

Fall usually means the onset of chilly nights. Fight off the frost with some warm, cozy blankets. Don’t let the cold keep you inside. Outdoor rooms are meant to be used all year round. A crackling fire pit and some other heat sources can help make things comfortable, but a little extra may be needed

Pastries on the patio – a new Thanksgiving tradition

Sometimes traditions start spontaneously, by the mere repetition of them. Other traditions are formed instantly, when a great event leaves guests wanting more. This year, make your Thanksgiving or any holiday dinner stand out by starting a “Pastries on the Patio” party that no-one will forget. As any experienced camper knows, grills and fire pits

Environmentally-Friendly Lighting Design for the Patio

As the days get shorter but the weather stays mild, some relaxing time outside is in our future. The evening can be a peaceful time to unwind and get some fresh air after a long day spent indoors. Getting extended-hour use out of your patio is one of the main reasons to install an outdoor