Outdoor Living Inspiration: Fire Pits

It’s not news that custom outdoor living spaces are becoming more the norm than the exception in yards all around the country. However, in regions that experience frigid winters, like here in the northeast, hanging outdoors all year round isn’t always an option. There are some great ways to extend your timeline to enjoy your outdoor living space, and a fire pit is a fantastic, and affordable, option.

3 Steps to Planning your New Landscape

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Is the dreary weather getting to you? As winter slogs along with cold temps and frozen or slushy ground, chances are you need a distraction to focus on that makes you dream of the warmth of spring, new flowers, and the great outdoors of your own landscape. We’re happy to help.

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Retaining Walls

Are you looking for a way to redefine your landscape? Maybe you have slopes around your property that make creating the space you want difficult. Perhaps you have a sweeping yard that offers no way to landscape except at the far edges? Or do you live on a hill that falls towards or away from you home, making any kind of gardening a fight against gravity? In any of these scenarios, or if you just want a way to recreate your landscape, nothing offers a solution to these landscaping dilemmas like retaining walls.

Concrete Pavers – Why They’re THE BEST Choice for your Hardscaping Project

When it comes to options of building products for your outdoor living spaces, there are several available to fit your budget, your style and goals. There is a lot of controversy out there about what Hardscaping product is best for your patio, and while we would be biased in saying pavers are the best choice, the fact is, the statistics and benefits speak (loudly) for themselves.

Planning Ahead for your Landscape Design

As winter continues, it may be that thoughts of spring landscape planning seems a little premature, but the fact is, making use of being more housebound during the next few weeks will really pay dividends in achieving your goals. Not only can you do your research on plans and products, but if you plan to use a contractor, you’ll be able to review estimates and get on their schedule before they get booked up for the season. Think about it. The pattern every year is pretty much the same.:

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Walkways

Your yard can be whatever you imagine it to be, no matter the size, shape or surroundings. Defining spaces and creating the perfect entryway is a great start to making your yard uniquely “yours”. Adding a walkway to the landscape not only adds a welcoming feature to your space, it sets the stage for your design direction. From formal, to rustic or natural, walkways are one of the first impressions of your home. Invest in walkways that define your space, with a little inspiration from us.

Veneer Stone - The Design Game Changer Part III –Cast Stone Wall

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Walls are the defining pieces to your outdoor living spaces. They allow sloped yards to become usable space, break up wide expanses into cozy sections and support hilly areas to be both decorative and functional. With all these benefits, walls also need to add design and beauty to your yard, and there’s no better way to do that than with cast veneer stone. If you are looking for the most natural look in a cast stone wall, without the cost of natural stone, then Cast Stone Wall stands alone as the solution to your wall needs.

Veneer Stone - The Design Game Changer Part II: Natural and Stacked Stone

Do you long for natural lines and colors as part of your home décor? Do you have a love affair with the outdoors that you’d like to keep with you, all year-round? If you are looking for a natural stone effect in your space, then this segment of our cast veneer stone series is for you.

Veneer Stone - The Design Game Changer Part I: Brick, Cut Stone and Split Rock

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How unique is your home’s design? When you look around your rooms, or outside at your yard or house, do you see your special touches that say “This is Me!”? Your home is the hub of your life, where you spend much of your down time, where you raise your family and entertain friends. Décor is personal, and should represent the feeling and experiences that make you who you are, and cast veneer stone is a fantastic product with which to do just that.

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Patios

While it may seem a little early in the year to be thinking about updating your backyard, the fact is there is no better time to get the ball rolling with your landscape design plans to be sure you’re ready to meet with a local hardscaping professional by early spring. They can help you see what possibilities lay in your yard, and develop the perfect plan to fit your design ideas.

New Year, New Landscape Design

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Welcome to 2016! Just about a full calendar year lay before you with possibilities and potential. What are your plans? As the days stay short and the wind makes you more apt to stay indoors, the winter blahs can set it in. Battle those blues by planning your garden that will be filled with beautiful flowers, succulents and plants to create a brightly-colored escape in your own backyard. Since you’re only hindered by your own imagination, the sky is the limit – and we have a few suggestions to help launch your landscape design ideas a little higher.

Warm Welcomes: Incredible Walkways and Driveways

No matter what holidays you celebrate in December, chances are you will have visitors at one point during the season and as the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your driveway and front walkway are some of the first landscaping impressions you can make on your visitors, and they set the stage for their expectations of your home’s interior.

What are your 2016 Landscape New Year’s Resolutions?

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It happens at odd times throughout the year; as you’re gearing up for spring and cleaning out flower beds, during a barbecue in the backyard, or when you’re winterizing your garden and yard. Each of these moments are times when you took stock of the condition of your landscape and make a mental note of the things you want to do “next year” to spruce it up. Next thing you know, you’re back to spring again going through the same yard routine without having made a dent in that landscape wish list you built the past year. For 2016, make your landscape one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Dear Santa – What I Want for Christmas is ... a New Landscape Design!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and would write that all important letter to the big guy in the red suit listing the things you wanted for Christmas? Well, this year, we want all our outdoor living enthusiast readers to get inspired for the new landscape you know you want, but may be a little too grown up to ask for outright. By getting you connected with a skilled contractor in your area who is experienced in the work you want done, we can put you on their schedule for a free estimate on that ideal landscape design you’ve been wishing for. That’s as close to the “Nice” list as it gets.

Party on the Patio: Take Advantage of the Weather and Plan an Outdoor Holiday Event

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Why not take the party outdoors? Just because it’s December doesn’t mean your patio and backyard have to go unused as entertaining space. There are plenty of ways to achieve the same festive environment the inside of your home would offer in colder temperatures, and you get the added benefit of more entertaining space and less overall mess in the house.

Creating a little “Peace on Earth”, Right in your own Backyard

There are a lot of wishes for “Peace on Earth” at this time of year and, while the general intent is for mankind as a whole, there’s another saying that comes to mind: “Charity begins at home”. By creating a tranquil environment in which to host family and friends, you can add a little “peace” to the world that will, hopefully, extend past your backyard as people come and go. What’s great about starting at home is that you can do it on just about any budget. From adding a tranquil accessory to your backyard like a fire pit or fireplace, to building an entire outdoor oasis including a walkway that leads to a patio and garden surrounded by walls, or even adding a pool, the options and combinations are almost endless and can be done all at once, or in pieces as your budget allows.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Spring Landscape This Holiday

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It’s the time of year when celebrating with friends and family, discussions of plans and hopes for next year and gifts for the holiday are paramount. But what do you really want as a gift this year? Chances are, you’ve discussed upgrading or enhancing your landscape during the warmer months, treating it more like a job than the design upgrade it really is. Have you thought about getting a patio put in? Maybe adding a walkway or paving your driveway? Even something like adding a garden wall around your existing beds and decorative trees could have been on the table. Maybe the discussion waned as the cooler months rolled in? Well, if you look at a landscape upgrade as a job, and not a beautifying enhancement to your outdoor living space, it’s easy to see how the conversation could fall flat. A landscape upgrade is really the gift that keeps on giving, all year round. It provides a fantastic outdoor setting for your guests, offering warm welcomes and enjoyable vistas at all times of year, and what’s great is you can manage to start the process at just about any budget. Start small, and you’ll see how the urge to expand your outdoor living experience grows with each project!

Let the Holiday Season Kick-Off your Composting Efforts

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It is upon us – the holiday season with the multitude of events and celebrations, where we gather with friends and family over good food and drink and wind down to the New Year. Whether you put your culinary skills to the test for your party or have it catered, chances are there will be a significant increase in leftovers and trash from now until the ball drops on December 31st. Use that opportunity to launch your composting efforts and resolve yourself to a more eco-friendly holiday season and lifestyle. Before Jack Frost comes a-nipping, and weather conditions get too cold or wet, take some time to build your compost pile so you can feel good about all the excess waste your holiday season produces.

Less is More for Outdoor Holiday Decorations

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It’s probably still burned into your retinas. The image of Clark Griswold’s house from 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; row upon row of glittering lights – blazing like a small sun that takes the power grid down in the neighboring three counties. A more recent commemoration of this holiday décor style was 2006’s “Deck the Halls”, where the ultimate goal was to see the holiday décor, from SPACE. While this type of decorating can have a long-lasting effect on anyone who sees it, (like wearing glasses earlier than genetically necessary), we are firm believers that “less is more” when it comes to decorating your outdoor living spaces for the holidays and we have a few suggestions on how to create a truly memorable experience for your guests and passers-by.

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

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Let your guests know that you’re a Thanksgiving pro and use a stunning centerpiece to set the stage. While extravagant floral arrangements will always impress, these eco-friendly nature inspired “harvest” centerpieces set a down-home and family, friendly feel.