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The End of the Driveway Dig-Out – Three Budget Tier Options

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As the weather turns colder and frost begins to layer on your yard, car and driveway each morning, we all know where there is frost, ice and snow are soon to follow. The bane of many a homeowner, winter’s little gift of ice and snow blocks up driveway access and hinders vehicle mobility. But technology provides an answer to this backache-waiting-to-happen with some really interesting options that fit just about any budget.

Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget

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When you envision your home in your mind’s eye, the patio is the center of your outdoor living space. It combines the soul of the kitchen, dining and living room with the notion of escape, privacy and relaxation plus entertainment, wrapped in the glorious outdoors and punctuated with the sound of nature or the laughter of friends and family. This space deserves the attention the rest of your home gets, but sometimes budgets can be an issue.

Lowering the Cost of Curb Appeal

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The weed-free, green lawn that dominates landscape design in suburban America today didn’t exist until the late 18th century. Our forefathers were the original organic gardeners with front “yards” that were much smaller and they were functional in nature.