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To design a grand entrance to a home, it’s essential to pay attention to the driveway.

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Your own personal access road Back in the old country, “driveways” were simple, private roads leading from the trade routes to a castle’s entrances for staff and guests. These roads were maintained solely by the castle residents and usually consisted of a utilitarian single lane made with nothing more than grass, gravel or (in more wealthy fortifications) stone.

Curb Appeal: Driveways

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Realtors stress the importance of “curb appeal” when selling a house. First impressions count. Landscaping is an obvious concern, but your home’s Hardscape likely covers more ground and attracts the eye more than your greenery does. Many times a homeowner will overlook the impact of the home’s driveway. Driveways can cover the largest part of a property’s land but they tend to be neglected as a major consideration in curb appeal. Improving the driveway adds beauty and function to your property.

Pavers- Not just for patios! Paver driveways add class

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You may think of pavers as a big part of patio design. Pictures of pool decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sidewalks and pathways are the common images related to pavers, but a growing number of homeowners are installing pavers to increase the visual appeal of their driveways and garage door areas.