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Wonderful wood storage: Dress up your stack

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The warmth and crackling goodness of a cozy fire doesn’t have to come with an eyesore of a log pile. Storing wood has never before been so fashionable. One amazing thing about having an outdoor room are the impromptu gatherings around the fire. A night spent out in the cold air is good for our health and our spirits. As that distinct, deep aroma of fall wafts from our fire pits, we cozy up fireside and share a toast with friends and family. Clear skies are perfect for gazing in those quiet moments. We stir only to throw another log on the fire. Don’t let a messy cord of wood break your mood. Many solutions exist for tidy, even chic, storage for the fuel for your fires.

Fire from the hearth: Which type of fire pit is right for your hardscape?

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The cooler nights, the changing leaves, the crackling of a fire… the wonderful sights and sounds of the Fall season are back in full swing. Sitting together “out back”, faces lit only by the warm glow of a fire and enjoying each other’s company is the cozy scene we all love. One fire pit can warm up a whole crowd in your outdoor space (but it’s nice to wrap up cozy blankets as well!). Wood burning smells wafting through the air are a comforting reminder of all the fun the fall has in store for us.

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Fire Pits

It’s not news that custom outdoor living spaces are becoming more the norm than the exception in yards all around the country. However, in regions that experience frigid winters, like here in the northeast, hanging outdoors all year round isn’t always an option. There are some great ways to extend your timeline to enjoy your outdoor living space, and a fire pit is a fantastic, and affordable, option.

Extend your Season with an Outdoor Kitchen

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Fall may just be starting but, depending on your region, there could be plenty of time left to plan for outdoor activities including pumpkin painting and carving, bonfires with s’mores and hayrides with warm (or cold) apple cider. An outdoor kitchen is the ideal setting for your party, offering the accoutrements of your indoor kitchen with your backyard patio and the beautiful backdrop of fall as your setting.

It’s Time for Kick-off – Great Recipes for Tailgating by your Fire Pit

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Hold on to your helmets, it’s time for football! Wait a minute, is it football season or is it tailgating season? What’s a game day without congregating in a parking lot with like-minded football fans and reveling in the excitement of game day with great food, beer, friends and, be honest, a little smack talk? But what if you’re watching the game from home? Gather your tailgating pals and head out to the backyard, where your fire pit and a few well-placed outdoor chairs will provide the central focus for your festivities. It’s almost fall, people, and the temperatures will continue to drop. You will need a fire pit to kick off the game right and stay warm while you’re at it.

Making the Most of Your Fire Pit

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Ever since humans mastered the controlled use of fire we have been fascinated by it. The domestication of fire allowed mankind to add light to evening hours, cook plants and animals for food, clear land for planting, and help keep predators at bay. Maintaining a campfire became so important to prehistoric man’s survival that he would assign a “fire-watcher” from the tribe to look after the fire to prevent it from going out. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why we are instinctively drawn to fire.

Fire Pit or Fireplace?

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If you are planning a fire feature for your patio, you may ask yourself “Should we get a fire pit or fireplace?” Both are great additions to any outdoor space that create a friendly atmosphere that gives off both light and warmth.

How Outdoor Kitchens are Changing How We Have Barbecues

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Gone are the days of Dad standing lonely in the backyard as he grills chicken, burgers and dogs on a gas or charcoal grill while the party-goers swim, play volleyball or yard darts (remember those?). Today’s barbecues are full-day events that revolve around the cook and his craft, with the food prep and grilling a highlight to the day’s entertainment.

Hearth and Home

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It cannot be argued, there’s just something spectacular about backyards that have a fire feature. Family and friends have been gathering around camp fires and fire pits for years, and homeowners are taking their outdoor spaces up a notch by incorporating custom outdoor fireplaces into their landscape designs.