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Herringbone: this classic paver pattern is trending

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Timeless features make a home distinctive. The brickwork pattern for your outdoor walkways or driveways is a place to express the home’s unique character. While there are many layouts and pavers to choose from, the classic herringbone pattern stands the test of time. It looks equally impressive in walkways, patios and driveways.

Outdoor rooms can have ceilings, too

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“Outdoor room” doesn’t have to mean “out in the open.” There are many options for covering your patio space. Summer officially ended this week, but you still can catch some rays. While you’re admiring a beautiful sunset and reminiscing on a hot season well spent, lend some thought to the coming summer’s heat. The time to plan improvements to next summer’s Hardscape is now. Big projects like pergolas or gazebos take weeks if not months to plan and install. Think of “shade design” today while the sun’s intense heat is still around.

Color Your Outdoor World – Inspiring Paver Colors

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Think of your outdoor room as a blank canvas. Your outdoor room is an extension of the house, but it is also an expression of you. Just as your indoor decor choices inside reflect your unique style, your outdoor spaces deserve the same careful curation and dedication. Choosing the right colors of paving stones is a step in the right direction.

3 Steps to Planning your New Landscape

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Is the dreary weather getting to you? As winter slogs along with cold temps and frozen or slushy ground, chances are you need a distraction to focus on that makes you dream of the warmth of spring, new flowers, and the great outdoors of your own landscape. We’re happy to help.

Concrete Pavers – Why They’re THE BEST Choice for your Hardscaping Project

When it comes to options of building products for your outdoor living spaces, there are several available to fit your budget, your style and goals. There is a lot of controversy out there about what Hardscaping product is best for your patio, and while we would be biased in saying pavers are the best choice, the fact is, the statistics and benefits speak (loudly) for themselves.

The Future of Hardscaping: CPI Students at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show

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Most schools have pep rallies before the big football, basketball, or soccer championship game; but at CPI, a Pleasant Gap, PA Science & Technology School, the big win can come in the form of landscape and hardscape design competition sweep. In September of 2014 the students enrolled in CPI's Horticulture and Landscaping Design course accepted the Hardscaping™ challenge set forth by The Pennsylvania State Farm Show. The contest, open to any school in Pennsylvania, is to design and construct 15 x 10 foot Hardscaping™ display featuring plants native to the area. EP Henry was a proud supporter of this exciting challenge - so we reached out to Joe Luther, Instructor in Horticulture and Landscaping Design, and spoke with him and two of his students, Taylor Shook and Ethan Van Horn, the day before judging took place.

Do-It-Yourself Hardscaping™ Project Story: New Providence NJ

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We were amazed when Seth Netter, EP Henry's sales rep for Northern NJ, sent us these DIY patio pictures. This 850 s.f. patio, with EP Henry Fire Pit Kit, was excavated and installed by the homeowners (along with twoverygood friends, Tina and Tracy Toribio) themselves. We just had to find out how they were motivated to undertake this not-so-small DIY project. So we called and spoke with homeowner Linda Haines to find out more about this project, and how they accomplished it.

Welcome to the Stone Age

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A very, very long time ago, during the pre-historic age, humans figured out that stone had many uses in their world. This abundant natural resource was used for many things, such as: furniture, cutting tools, and weapons. Not only did they use it to build walls for shelter and fortification, they used smaller stones (like flint and river rocks) to create spears and to break open fruits and nuts. It was everywhere; and they must have been felt like the luckiest beings in the land!

Clean Air Act

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Bringing outdoor patio plants indoors for the winter has other advantages besides being decorative. With the windows closed due to the cold temperatures the air inside your home can become pretty stale. Additionally, indoor renovation projects, like painting and or staining, release harmful toxins that linger far longer in winter’s closed window months.

Tips on Selecting a Hardscaping™ Contractor

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When it comes to planning a Hardscaping™ project, choosing a contractor should be at the top of your list. As more people are expanding their living space by adding outdoor rooms, choosing the right contractor for the job is critical to your project’s success. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a contractor is to pick someone from the Yellow Pages without interviewing them first.

Paver Maintenance 101: Tips to Keeping your Patio Looking Good

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In the same way you might polish your floors or wax your car, patio pavers require some routine maintenance in order to restore them to their original look and to protect them from staining in the future. Check out these frequently asked questions on how to keep you Hardscaping™ looking its best.

Patio Pavers: Mixing Mediums

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When it comes to patio pavers, you may think that once you pick out your preferred style, that you are finished with your Hardscape™design decisions. Not so fast. You may ultimately decide to have the lawn meet up to your patio pavers, but if you are looking for a more natural or rustic landscape, consider incorporating other outdoor Hardscape™ elements such as boulders, rocks, stones or gravel.