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Fall on the Patio Series: Game-Day

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It's been around for years, seen in college parking lots and NFL stadiums around the country; the pre-game fall tailgating party has become an American tradition that is here to stay. There's a reason why people tailgate before a football game, it's a chance to get together with friends, eat, drink and get pumped up for the big game.

Get Your Splash On-It’s Pool Party Time!

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If you have a pool, chances are you'll either be hosting a children's pool party birthday celebration or an adult only cocktail party, this summer season. Maybe even both. You can either send out formal invitations or invite your guests by word-of-mouth, either way, you'll need to plan and set up your outdoor living area and pool deck before your guests arrive.

Outdoor Party Ideas

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It’s outdoor party season, and chances are, you’ll either host or be invited to at least one big party this summer. Depending on where you live, that could mean very different menu items. While most folks invite friends and family over “for a barbeque”, the term is used rather loosely.