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April Showers- A Pretty Solution for Stormwater Runoff

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We’ve all heard that April showers brings May flowers, but for some of us, April’s heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on a landscape design. If you live on a hilly terrain or have property that slopes you may see that a sudden deluge may leave your yard with a mudslide straight through your flower bed or garden. That’s because water will always take the path of least resistance, with zero regard for a carefully planned garden or landscape design. Over time, the water will erode the landscape and create an unsightly rut.

Bringing Your Outdoor Potted Plants Indoors

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For those of us who have cold and snowy winters, container plants allow us to decorate our patios with plants that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. We recreate relaxing oasis’ by enhancing our patios with Boston ferns, parlor palms, and dracaena in outdoor pots during the summer, and then bring them inside to use as indoor plants as winter sets in.