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Non Traditional, Traditional Décor: Square Wreaths

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Did you ever wonder why we hang wreaths on our front doors? Historians agree that it seems likely that wreaths were made popular almost 3000 years ago. It all started in Greece during the Olympic Games when small wreaths (made of laurel leaves) were used to crown the winning participants. Later, when the Games began to move to different cities, each host city would award head garlands made using branches from their local trees.

Welcome to the Stone Age

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A very, very long time ago, during the pre-historic age, humans figured out that stone had many uses in their world. This abundant natural resource was used for many things, such as: furniture, cutting tools, and weapons. Not only did they use it to build walls for shelter and fortification, they used smaller stones (like flint and river rocks) to create spears and to break open fruits and nuts. It was everywhere; and they must have been felt like the luckiest beings in the land!