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Fireplace and fire pit accessories you didn’t know you needed

The crackle, the woodsy aroma, the flickering light. Nothing is quite the same as an open wood fire. All of a sudden, it’s September. Where did the summer go? No worries. A lot of outdoor enjoyment is still in your future. It’s time to get cracking on upping your fireplace game. Here are a few

Containing the colonies: Keeping ants out of your pavers and outdoor kitchen

Beautiful walks and an outdoor food prep/eating space are the most welcoming elements of an outdoor living space. The last guests a homeowner wants to invite over is a colony of ants. A few preventative steps and treatments can help you keep your pavers and kitchen clear of these uninvited pests. Wipe down the surfaces

Sweet Mid-Atlantic states: potluck desserts from NC to NY

Every family has that one dessert that disappears first from the patio table. The favorites are often eaten before the burgers are served. But what is sweet in one state can be an unknown in another. Here are some interesting desserts from North Carolina to New York. North Carolina Sonker is a rectangular, deep dish

Pets on the patio: Summer tips for dogs and cats

We love our pets. We want them to participate in our summer fun on the patio, but sometimes we forget our pets have special needs. For example, did you know that some dogs need sunscreen? Read on for more tips to keep your furry kids happy this summer. Pools Swimming in pools is one of

How to do an authentic spa day party on the patio

Bring in professionals for an evening of pampering right on the patio.   Summer is here and it’s time to relax. Work loads, family obligations and volunteer work, although rewarding, can usurp our down time. Why not pave the way to relaxation with a private occasion meant to renew and rejuvenate? We asked licensed massage

Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio

Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio This time-honored craft is a perfect decor accent to outdoor living spaces. Macrame, the art of knotting cord in geometrical patterns, is thought to be an ancient practice dating back a few thousand years to the Arab world. Merriam-Webster says the first known English use of the

Make your summer memorable with major watermelon mojo

Cookie cutters and a carving knife are all you need to elevate your watermelon to monumental status. According to National Geographic, watermelons have been around for 5000 years. Seeds and paintings of the fruit were found in King Tut’s tomb. By the year 500, the watermelon had migrated into the Mediterranean countries. It’s been modified

Finding Swedish-style balance on the patio

Learn how the Swedish lifestyle of Lagom can help you live your best outdoor life. Loosely translated, Lagom means “just right.” It is the feeling when something hits the perfect balance between two extremes. In her new book, Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life, British

Punch up those patches with grass seed

Whether your lawn is in need of a total reset or if you are reclaiming forgotten spaces in the landscape, grass seeding is a cost-effective DIY project. Compared to professionally-installed sod, seeding your lawn is something most everyone can do. Clear out any existing vegetation. Brown patches may still have ground cover plants in the

Cool outdoor bar accessories to make your summer outdoors chill

Add a little style to your summer sips and snacks We all do it – make a cold drink and a snack inside to enjoy outside. More times than not, we’ll carry it out with a plastic tumbler and paper plate. That’s not exactly the image of relaxing luxury you want. Punch up the patio