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EP Henry® Supporting Sustainable Efforts with Eco-Plaza at Perkins Center for the Arts

With a vision of a green, sustainable building and courtyard in front of the building, Perkins Center for the Arts has garnered the invaluable support of individuals from both the public and private sectors who have a passion for the planet.  Perkins Center for the Arts is partnering with EP Henry, Rutgers University, Leonburg Nursery and the Borough of Collingswood to create an Eco-Plaza at Perkins Center-Collingswood.

Through the expertise of Landscape Architects, Cairone & Kaupp and professionals from Rutgers University, Perkins has designed a plaza which includes a rain garden and an eco-paver courtyard area.  This design will minimize the impact of storm water runoff. How is this accomplished? A rain garden is a landscaped, shallow depression that captures, filters, and infiltrates storm water runoff at the source.  A rain garden removes pollutants from storm water runoff while recharging groundwater.  Rain gardens are an important tool for communities and neighborhoods to create diverse, attractive landscapes while protecting the health of the natural environment.

In the parking and courtyard area the Center is utilizing ECO™ Paver paving stones designed and donated by EP Henry.  ECO Pavers are an environmentally friendly (design alternative) used in an area that would traditionally be covered with an impervious material. ECO Pavers allow water falling in the courtyard to percolate down (between the pavers) and recharge the ground waters rather than being directed, unfiltered, to storm water drains and our waterways.

Along with the financial and product support from EP Henry, Rutgers University, Leonburg Nursery and the Borough of Collingswood they have received "at cost" support for materials from Cairone & Kaupp, Insideout Design Studio, Chicks Block and Wharton Supply. In the words of Alan Willoughby, Executive Director of Perkins Center, "It takes a village to raise an Eco-Plaza at Perkins Center for the Arts!"

For more information about the Perkins Center for the Arts, visit www.perkinscenter.org.