Imperial Marquis™ Wall


The new EP Henry Marquis Wall is a striking, cost-effective choice for a variety of single sided applications.


Budget friendly

Available Colors


Marquis Wall Stretcher

Marquis Wall Stretcher pallet contains 32 square feet. Total weight: 3,685 lbs.


Reduced Quantity Pallet

Marquis Wall Stretcher Reduced pallet contains 16 square feet. Total weight: 1,800 lbs.

Marquis Wall Corner

Marquis Wall Corner pallet contains 72 square feet. Total weight: 4,838 lbs.

Marquis Wall Cap

Marquis Wall 3″ Universal Cap pallet contains 30 square feet. Total weight: 4,177 lbs.

Coventry & Marquis Wall Pins

Coventry & Marquis Wall Pins contain 100 pieces per bag & 800 pieces per box.