EP Henry Coventry finish wall units come in Dakota Blend, Harvest Blend and Pewter Blend only.

EP Henry DevonStone finish wall caps come in Bluestone and Brownstone only.

Product Specifications

  • EP Henry®  Wall Units Only

    EP Henry Wall Units Only

    • Dimensions: 8.375"w×6"/9"l×3"h
    • SqFt per Cube:
    • Lbs per Cube: 2,628
  • EP Henry®  Caps Only

    EP Henry Caps Only

    • Dimensions: 8.75"w×25.25"/49.25"l×2"h
    • SqFt per Cube: 4 pieces per Cube
    • Lbs per Cube: 160
  • Accessories Kit - Complete Set

    Accessories Kit includes: 4 DevonStone finish wall caps (Bluestone color or Brownstone by special order), 100% recycled copper bowl, two grates (24” diameter for cooking/36” diameter for wood burning), retractable metal mesh screen dome, and fire poker.

    Total weight: 194 lbs per Cube.

    • Accessories Kit
      Accessories Kit