Terrace Wall™


EP Henry Terrace Wall is a medium-sized block that offers strength and durability for your average-sized job.



• 1.5 pieces = 1 sf of wall face
• Minimum inside radius = 22” (from back of block)
• Maximum unreinforced wall height = 30” under ideal conditions
• Geogrid must be used for walls above 30”

Available Colors


Stretcher Terrace Wall

Terrace Wall Stretcher pallet contains 48 square feet. Total weight: 3,665 lbs per cube.


6" Universal Corner Terrace Wall

Terrace Wall Corner pallet contains 72 square feet. Total weight: 4,838 lbs per cube.


Rectangular Split Cap pallet contains 32 square feet. Total weight: 4,555 lbs.

Universal Split Cap pallet contains 30 square feet. Total weight: 4,177 lbs.