Vertica™ Wall


EP Henry Vertica Retaining Wall is perfect for bringing aesthetic appeal to tall walls and tight spaces. The rich, aged look of Vertica Stone Cut Finish (available by special order) provides an appealing alternative to a splitface texture.


Product Notes

Vertica is also available in 12” D unit with 4˚ batter by special order.


• 1 piece = 1 sf of wall face
• Minimum inside radius = 69″ (from back of block)
• Maximum unreinforced, exposed wall height is 32” (4 courses) under ideal conditions
• Geogrid must be used in walls over 32” high
• For walls over 48” high, EP Henry recommends that you consult a Professional Engineer

Available Colors


Stretcher Vertica

Vertica Wall Stretcher pallet contains 48 square feet. Total weight: 3,936 lbs per cube.

Corner Vertica

Vertica Wall Corner pallet contains 60 square feet. Total weight: 5,010 lbs per cube.

4" Retaining Wall Cap Vertica

4″ Retaining Wall Cap pallet contains 36 square feet. Total weight: 4,680 lbs per cube.