Cheyanne Newman

Cheyanne Newman

What HeroScaping Means to Me

HeroScaping® is a way to express how thankful we are to the wounded soldiers. It is a generous way to give back to the people who risked their lives to keep this country safe. Building these beautiful designs for these wounded veteran’s helps me better the community; for it helps the wounded feel like they are still important, even though they can no longer serve and protect. It gives them a place where they can relax and enjoy the appreciation that we have for them.

Not only is the HeroScape for the wounded veteran, but it also shows the gratitude we have for the service men and women who have been killed in the line of duty. These hardscape projects symbolize the gratification of the wounded, the deceased, and the ones who are still serving overseas for us. I have experienced enjoyment volunteering on this past year’s HeroScaping design, and have seen the thankful nature of not only the veteran we built it for, but also the thankfulness of the community.

Participating in these HeroScaping events gives me a sense of how much I should be thankful for all of the soldiers that fight for our country. Also, how building the designs are our way of showing that we appreciate the lives that are risked that try and make this county a better place to live in.



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