Taylor Shook

Taylor Shook

It's More than a Job

A HeroScaping® project is a selfless project; a project that we dedicate to those who lay their lives on the line to protect our country. Coming from a family full of service men and having many friends actively enlisted, I have found that I struggle to show my full appreciation.  I thank them every chance I have, but I have always wanted to do more. The thing is, I just have not known what I can do.  I was introduced to our first HeroScaping project and ever since, I have been changed. It was an inspiration. Now, I can’t wait until we get a new project, and I keep thinking about how I can continue giving back in the future.

Having the ability to give back to our service men and women in such a significant way is a privilege to me. They allow us onto their property and trust us to create a backyard get-away. Hardscaping is something I enjoy and something that can be elegant and useful. My mentality going into these projects is different than a regular job site. All I can think is, “This has to be perfect, this is their home and where they will spend their nights relaxing. Let's get this done and let's make it perfect.” 

HeroScaping is a way to give back to deserving members of society using our specialty and passion. These projects are nothing compared to the work they have done for us: putting on the uniform and leaving their friends and family, standing in the line of fire without thinking twice, and coming home expecting nothing in return. Having the materials and resources to participate in such a wonderful experience is an honor.  The possibilities for these projects are endless. A HeroScaping project can be a backyard patio, fire pit, and sitting walls, or a memorial for the community to enjoy. Regardless of the extent of the project, they are all a simple thank you.

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