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How heroscaping, veterans paver donation projects, began

In 2011 EP Henry was approached by a group of concerned citizens from Brooklawn, NJ whose goal was to build a monument to honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  This project started what would be become the HeroScaping® program by inspiring other citizens and contractors to contribute their expertise and time.   

Since then, EP Henry has contributed materials, labor, and monetary donations to over 25 projects throughout their Mid-Atlantic footprint. Ranging in size from the very large, The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial; to smaller projects, such as beautifying a local VFW post, each project brings together patriotic citizens, local organizations, product suppliers and experienced craftsman to conceive, create and preserve national treasures.

EP Henry President, J.C. Henry spoke about the program’s history at MAHTS in front of an audience of contractors and distributors. “This program, that began as a single request for monument pavers, has become more than any us of could have imagined,” said J.C. Henry during the kick-off event.  “The allegiance of the contractors and distributors who have participated in the program over the years has been truly inspiring”.

We hope to expand the program in the coming years, but we need your help. By enrolling as a HeroScaper™ you will be eligible to receive free HardScaping material for authorized and approved HeroScaping® projects. All we ask of you is that you participate in a minimum of one project per year.

heroscaping veteran memorial paver donations

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