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Several people spoke during the dedication, including state Rep. Tommy Sankey, R-74 of Clearfield, and County Commissioner John Sobel.
Sobel mentioned how a town in Virginia paid the ultimate sacrifice years ago and he mentioned how Irvona has done the same, noting the loss of Mary Ellen Tiesi and Bradley Kritzer, who both died due to the war on terror.

Rob Daniels of EP Henry Corp. spoke about the Heroscapes Project and how it donated the labor and materials for the project to help get it completed in a timely manner.
"It's nice to see it will be used well into the future," Daniels said.

Joe Luther was the contractor on the job, and he said when he got the call for the project, he figured it was just another job, put in a bid, do the work and move on.
"This was much more than that," he said. "This committee had a vision and they took action and ran with it."

He expressed how he was taking his hat off for the day as a contractor and, instead, was saluting the men and women who have fought for our freedom."I never wore the uniform, I've never been hurt or scared (in a war), and I have no idea what war is like," Luther said. "I'm not a contractor of this project today, but I am a grateful American for what they have done for us."

He said what started out as a dream for the Irvona Community Veterans Memorial Committee has become a reality.